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Scenes from Julian Assange’s WikiCircus in London.

“I’ll tell you, it’s the Freemasons,” McCann added, growing more animated. “They’re all ganging up on him.” Shutting down Wikileaks was just the beginning, he explained; the Freemasons were out to control the whole Internet. This was why he didn’t have faith in the traditional news media: “Because a great many of the proprietors are Freemasons,” he said with authority. So is this better than HR software implementation projects?, December 15, 2010

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Royals Attacked! Camilla Screams! And Other Fantasies of England’s Student “Riots”

Even though yesterday’s Parliamentary vote over new tuition fees went against the students, the photographic evidence, such as it is, should count as a victory for the protesters.


It’s doubtful that Camilla’s look of genuine shock will prompt a pro-aristocracy backlash. Welcome to the Great Recession, royals! We’re all that scared, all the time.

The Awl, December 10, 2010

In The Web on July 22, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Santa Fe Reporter honored for using public data to list the wealthy

Corey Pein of the Santa Fe Reporter set out to find the wealthiest among Santa Fe residents… His story won first place in the AltWeekly Awards for Innovation/Format Buster.

Rosland Gammon for, July 21, 2010

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Unclaimed Veterans Buried

Vets’ remains were sitting in boxes, unclaimed by family

Some may have been homeless at the time of their death, according to John Garcia, New Mexico’s Veteran Services Secretary.

Watch a video of the ceremony…, June 3, 2010

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Verizon Rep Threatens To Blow Up Man’s House Over Unpaid Bill

Las Cruces man claims unfair debt collections forced him to move

“In particular, [Verizon's] representative stated that she knew where [Burrows] resided and said ‘I am gonna blow your mother fucking house up.’”, May 25, 2009

Follow-ups by Consumerist, ABC News, Huffington Post

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What You Missed At The Santa Fe Tea Party

SFR was on the scene for the Tea Party tax protest yesterday. Most noteworthy was the soundtrack: Incredibly earnest patriotic songs—including a John Philip Sousa march or two—played far too loud over the Plaza., April 16, 2010

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Indian Diplomat Says No Concrete Deal Made In Uranium Talks With Richardson

Last week, SFR reported that Gov. Bill Richardson discussed possible uranium exports to India, a growing nuclear power and US ally, in a meeting with Susmita G. Thomas, India’s Consul General in San Francisco.

Through a spokesperson, Richardson said he “didn’t recall” that aspect of the meeting. But in an email today to SFR, Consul General Thomas adds another confirmation to the nature of the discussions., April 6, 2010


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THE BAILOUT LINE: What Would You Do With $250,000?

In an interview for SFR’s new cover story, “Born Poor,” Santa Fe Institute economist Samuel Bowles suggested that the government invest directly in individuals, perhaps by giving everyone a lump sum to use however they wish—say, $250,000.

SFR wondered what people would actually do with a cool quarter-mil, if it dropped in their laps. So, we asked., Feb. 3, 2010